November 13

The Other 6 Questions You Need to Ask Yourself Before You Buy Your Next Vacuum.


Most people when shopping for a new vacuum ask themselves the obvious question – How Much Do I Want To Spend? Which is fine but then they stop there. The result is that they often end up with a machine that doesn’t meet their needs.

We would suggest that there are six more questions you might want to ask yourself to avoid disappointment.

And here they are…

What do you like/dislike about your current vacuum?

Do you love its long cord? Hate the fact that it’s a canister and you’ve always wanted an upright? Want a longer hose to reach into those hard to reach corners? Developing your wish list before you get to the store will help the make the whole selection process go quicker.

What type of flooring do I have?

Will you be cleaning just carpet or all hardwood floors? Do you have a mix? Vinyl, tile, wood and carpet? Different machines are better at cleaning some flooring rather than others. Others are versatile and can clean anything.

Do I have any special cleaning needs?

Do you have lots of pets? Some vacuums specialize in cleaning pet hair. Do you have anyone with allergies in your home?   Then you might want to consider a vacuum with a strong filtration system.

Does quality and style matter to you?

With care a modern vacuum can last over 20 years. For a machine to last that long you need to buy one that is well-engineered and manufactured with quality parts. Not surprisingly these machines tend to be the most reliable as well. But you are going to pay more for this quality. Machines that cost you $70 at a big box store don’t tend to last that long. If you go this route then there is a chance that you might be buying a new machine every year or so. You will need to decide whether that is a problem for you. For some people their vacuum’s appearance matters. There is no doubt that some vacuums have more style and just look better than others.

Where am I living?

Do you have a house or an apartment? And how big is it? Does it have lots of stairs?   If you have a large home with 3 floors and a basement, then a more powerful and versatile machine might be needed. However, if you live in a one-bedroom condo where space is at a premium, then a smaller, less powerful machine might do.

Is portability important to you?

How much weight do you want to carry around as you’re cleaning? Some machines we stock are very powerful but also rather heavy. So if you don’t have muscles like the Hulk then a smaller, lighter machine might be better. For some people the answer might be a cordless. For others they might need a lightweight machine with a long cord. If you’re a professional cleaner a backpack vacuum might be a good solution for you.

The bottom line is that one size definitely does not fit all when it comes to selecting the best vacuum cleaner.

So our advice is to think about these questions and then come and see us at A-1.

Our further advice is to try the machine out before you buy it. Any reputable store, like A-1, will let you use the machine to make sure you like it. We have demonstration models set up specifically for this. That way you can be sure that the vacuum you are taking home is the right one for you.

As always if you have any questions then contact us here.




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