October 4

Clean Freak Emails – 24 Total


“Clean Freak” Persona Emails – 8 Total

Email #1:

Subject: Ninja-approved cleaning hacks? We’ve got you…


Howdy {name},

It’s {company name}, otherwise known as your *top secret weapon* against daily dirt build up, hidden dust colonies and anything else that makes you go… “Ewww!” 

If you’re like us, you’ve probably given a LOT of thought into how you can achieve the SQUEAKIEST clean on the block — without sacrificing every waking moment of your free time tidying up…

…You know, besides having a tiny army of invisible cleaning ninjas dedicated to sweeping away every crumb, hair and lint ball before it even touches the ground.

While that would be awesome, we’d like to introduce you to the next best thing:

Our latest speed-cleaning ninja-approved accessories…

They are guaranteed to slash your tidy up time in half and make you feel like a dust fighting superhero in the process.

When you’ve got a minute, we have a feeling you’ll want to check these out…

Go here 🡪 [link]


Email #2:

Subject: If your broom could talk, it would say this…


Hey {name},

I have a *very* important question for you…

What did the broom say to the vacuum cleaner?

Go ahead, guess…

OK, you give up? 

It said, “I’m tired of everyone pushing us around!”

That was a good one, right? OK, maybe it was a little cheesy…

But listen, at {company name} we believe that a clean and healthy home is serious business.

That’s why we pride ourselves on providing high quality equipment to help make your space look and feel effortlessly amazing…  

…but that doesn’t mean we can’t have some “good clean fun” in the process!

So, next time you need a good laugh to pass your cleaning time or a funny ice breaker that anyone with a broom can relate to, feel free to steal that one from us.


P.S. Speaking of vacuums, have you seen our newest arrivals? You can check’em out here: [link]

Email #3:

Subject: If you don’t clean THIS, shame on you!

Preview: #1 source of respiratory illnesses…


Howdy {name}

{Company name} here. 

Here’s the deal: even the most *meticulous* clean freaks are often neglecting to clean the #1 source of respiratory illness in their homes…

It’s NOT the kitchen sink.

It’s NOT your dustboards.

It’s NOT even your window blinds…

it’s your AIR.

You see, even with a five-star cleaning routine…

Your air can still be CLOGGED with harmful pollutants, leaving you at the mercy of their invisible forces.

So how the heck are you supposed to clean the air?!

Well, we’ve taken the liberty of curating our best selection of air purification goodies just for you.

These simple yet effective tools are guaranteed to help you live healthier and breathe easier with little to no effort required.

Check them out 🡪 [link]


P.S. Take a deep breath, you’ve got this! [link]

Email #4:

Subject: Silence your in-laws with the power of a spotless home


Hey {name},

Has this ever happened to you?

You’re relaxing at home and taking some time away from your typical cleaning routine, when suddenly, the phone rings…

It’s your in-laws.

..And they’ve decided they’re coming to visit. Tomorrow.

Frantically, you bust out your go-to vacuum cleaner…

But after just a few minutes it dies, leaving you to clean your entire home with your bare hands or face the judgmental glances from your “clean is never clean enough” relatives.

Terrifying! Luckily, we’ve cooked up some handy vacuum cleaner maintenance accessories so you can avoid the nightmare…

And always keep your home “in-law-proof” 🡪 [link]


P.S. Witty mother-in-law comebacks not included.

Email #5:

Subject: Who wins in a cleaning battle? Rubber gloves or your bare hands?


Howdy {name},

Lately at {company name} headquarters, we’ve been feverishly debating some of the biggest do’s and don’ts in the clean freak community.

There’s just one question that no one can seem to agree on…

…to glove or NOT to glove? 

Since the dawn of dustpans, rubber cleaning gloves have been marketed as a more hygienic, less icky alternative to scrubbing with your bare hands.

That being said, new studies indicate these slippery companions could actually be making our cleaning routines less sanitary, leading to sweat and other bacteria becoming trapped within the rubbery fingers.

So, do you rock the rubber gloves or do you go free handed?

Help us settle the debate once and for all, reply with your answer to let us know!


P.S. If you’re looking for some non-debatable cleaning accessories, we’ve got you covered: [link]

Email #6:

Subject: “When you clean the vacuum, you become the vacuum cleaner”


Hey {name},

Here’s a bit of cleaning wisdom for you to ponder next time you’re gearing up for a full day of housework…

“When you clean the vacuum, you become the vacuum cleaner.”

Pretty deep, eh?

Well, all jokes aside, taking a few minutes to empty out your vacuum doesn’t just make for a great punchline, it’s essential to preserving the effectiveness of your machine…

…And saving you the hassle of replacing your vacuum every year or two.

In fact, most industry experts agree: you should give your vacuum the full service treatment at least once EVERY year to keep it running in tip top shape. 

And if you’re not sure where to start?

These tools should be enough to get you going 🡪 [link]


Email #7:

Subject: The 5 “horsemen” of the “clean-ocalypse”


Hey {name},

There’s been a lot of talk about why it’s so important to have clean, breathable air in your home, but here’s the one thing that no one ever mentions…

How to tell if the air in your home is dirty in the first place.

Here at {company name}, we think the secret to having a squeaky clean home is first knowing what air pollution actually looks like. 

Without further ado, here are the “5 horsemen” of the clean-ocalypse:

  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • Mysterious headaches
  • Ongoing exhaustion and “brain fog”
  • Worsening allergy symptoms
  • Difficulty catching your breath

If you’re seeing any or all of these, then the air in your home is probably dirtier than a dust bunny in a mud cone, with pollution sprinkles on top.

Luckily we carry an entire range of state-of-the-art air purifying systems to help restore the balance within your home, so you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Go get yours 🡪 [link]


Email #8:

Subject: You spend HOW much time cleaning? The scandalous truth…


Howdy {name},

As a team of certified clean freaks, we’ve made it our life’s mission to give hard working individuals (like you!) a faster, more effective cleaning experience using the industry’s most innovative products and revolutionary solutions. 

But, EXACTLY how much time do you spend cleaning anyway?

Here’s a wild stat:

The average person spends an impressive 12,896 hours cleaning in their lifetime!

That’s almost two years of your life just spent tidying, sprucing and perfecting your favorite place.

And if you ask us, that’s 12,896 reasons to upgrade your current cleaning tools and get even more of your valuable time back.

Curious to see what new products can make your lifetime of cleaning just a little bit sweeter?

Here’s a few time-savers we picked out just for you: [link]



Pet Owner Persona Emails – 8 Total

Email #9:

Subject: Love *can* be messy, but it doesn’t have to be! Here’s how…


Howdy {name},

It’s {company name}, you know, the folks who help you keep your cleaning closet fully stocked and your home sparkly clean. 

If you’re like most pet owners, then you already know that the unconditional love from your fur-babies is one of the single most precious feelings in the world. 

(Some people might even say that it’s just as precious as the love from actual babies!) 

But here’s the thing…

…unconditional love does NOT mean you have to settle for a home covered in pet hair, half chewed rawhides and mystery stains. 

Instead of just ignoring your pet’s messes, how about a couple of our latest pet-approved accessories, guaranteed to speed up your clean up time and make your home feel oh-so-cozy again?

When you’ve got a minute, we have a feeling you’ll want to check these out…

Go here 🡪 [link]


Email #10:

Subject: “Puppies,” or “adorable sociopathic mud-trackers”? Maybe, both?


Hey {name},

Here’s a *really serious* question for you…

Why do they call it a “litter” of puppies?

Go ahead, guess…

Still not sure?

Well, it’s because they mess up the whole house!

Okay, maybe that isn’t the most scientific explanation, but you’ve got to admit it actually makes sense, right?

Listen, at {company name}, we know creating a safe, loving environment for your pups and kitties alike is no laughing matter. 

That’s why we’ve created an extra special collection of pet-approved cleaning products to help you create a space so spotless, even the world’s largest litter couldn’t mess it up!

Take a look for yourself: [link]


Email #11:

Subject: Food? Check. Water? Check. Air? Uhh….


Howdy {name},

Lately, we’ve been thinking about the biggest pet care must-have.

One that even the most diligent owners seem to overlook, potentially impacting the health and well-being of both them and their animal companions.

You *already* know your pets need…

  • A healthy diet
  • Lots of time outside
  • Fresh, clean drinking water
  • Loads of snuggles and belly rubs

But what about refreshingly clean and crisp air?

Yep, one of the biggest sources of health challenges for humans and pets alike comes directly from harmful pollutants infiltrating the airwaves in your home.

Dirty air can cause everything from stuffy snouts to tummy aches and a loss of energy.

But before you panic, there’s good news: our premium selection of air purifiers are guaranteed to rid your home of potential toxins and give your furry friends something to wag their tails about.

Check out our selection here 🡪 [link]


Email #12:

Subject: Cleaner vacuum = Happier pets. Here’s how…


Hey {name},

If you’re like us, you’re probably eternally grateful for the hair suctioning power that modern vacuum cleaners have to offer.

(Seriously, why does it get everywhere?)

But what if there was a way to make your favorite cleaning appliance even more efficient, saving you countless hours removing rogue fur from the couch, corners and everywhere in between?

Nope, it’s not a fantasy.

It’s the power of regular vacuum maintenance.

It can leave you with a better performing product that won’t have to be replaced in another 7 dog years.

And if you’re not sure how to properly care for your favorite cleaning appliance?

These carefully selected tools should do the trick: [link]


Email #13:

Subject: Are you making these 3 pet cleaning mistakes?


Howdy {name},

Let’s be honest for just a second…

…with so much going on in our lives, how often do we really think about our daily pet care routine?

You see, anyone who has ever had a pet (or 10), knows your furry friends are creatures of habit, telling you exactly when they’re ready to eat or need to go out for their evening potty break.

So, it’s easy to see why so many pet owners are overlooking 3 of the biggest cleaning must-dos that keep your animal companions healthy and thriving:

  • Disinfecting food and water bowls
  • Vacuuming up dust and pet hair
  • Running an air purifying system

Not to worry though, we’ve got all the essentials you need to seriously upgrade your pet-approved cleaning regimen…

Right here 🡪 [link]


Email #14:

Subject: Meet the flea-proof tools you’ll be itching to try…

Alternate subject line to test: The 5-letter “F-word” crawling and creeping in your pet’s fur


Hey {name},

This might seem a little awkward, but it’s time for us to be honest about that 5-letter “F” word that all pet owners have to face at some point or another…


Yep, no matter how diligent you are about caring for your pet, it’s an inevitable fact that most dogs and cats will need to be treated for fleas at one point or another.

But here’s the thing…

These pesky little parasites don’t just dwell in pet’s fur. 

Once they’ve made their way inside, they’ll cling to just about any soft surface in your home in their fight for survival.

That’s enough to make your skin crawl, right?

Thankfully, with the right carpet treatments and super powered vacuums at your disposal, you can be rid of fleas before feeling a single itch. 

Just in case you’re curious…

Here’s few of our anti-flea favorites: [link]


Email #15:

Subject: How to stop exposing your pet to small doses of daily poison


Howdy {name},

Everyone knows air quality is important.

It can stop preventable diseases and improve your quality of life.

Not to mention, who doesn’t love that crisp, refreshing feeling of breathing clean, fresh air?

Here’s the rub:

Your beloved dog(s) and/or cat(s) spend the vast majority of their day nestled up in your cozy home, just waiting to shower you in slobbery kisses – or magnificent purring nuzzles – the second you walk through the door.

So, it only makes sense to take that one extra step…

To ensure the air in your home is free from toxic pollutants and airborne viruses, for both their sake and yours.

The best part is, advancements of modern technology have made these air purification systems faster, more effective and easier to use than ever before!

Seriously, just take a look at these: [link]


Email #16:

Subject: Dog Vs. Vacuum: Who really wins?


Hey {name},

Have your pets and your vacuum been playing nicely together?

It’s no secret to pet owners (or anyone who’s seen a viral pet video)…

Dogs and cats don’t always respond well to our noisy little dust busters.

But it’s a two-way street.

You see, every clump of fur balls or post-brushing dog hair pile presents a monumental challenge for even the most heavy duty vacuums!

…Making it even more essential than ever:

If you are a pet owner, you need to perform regular maintenance on your vacuum cleaner.

If you’re not sure where to start, our selection of vacuum cleaning essentials is here to keep your machine running, your cats scurrying and your dogs barking, no matter how much hair you’re dealing with.

Check them out here 🡪 [link]



Family Oriented Persona Emails – 8 Total

Email #17:

Subject: Cleaning supplies made for REAL families…


Howdy {name},

It’s {company name}, a.k.a “the place dedicated to providing tough, innovative cleaning solutions for REAL families.”

(The kind GUARANTEED to stand up to all of life’s messiest moments)

…And yes, that even means helping you tackle the “evils” of a dozen dirty soccer cleats running through your home, and sweaty uniforms all over the furniture.

We understand life moves fast. 

Really, *really* fast.

That’s why our team is constantly finding and testing the newest selection of home cleaning appliances.

So you can focus more on enjoying the things that actually matter — and less time worrying if you’ve missed a spot.

When you have a minute, we’ve got a few new goodies that we think would look really good in your cleaning closet.

Check them out 🡪 [link]


Email #18:

Subject: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a…black hole?!


Hey {name},

We don’t want to alarm you, but we just had to ask…

…is your home being sucked into a black hole?

We’re talking about that one room in your house that seems to collect every rogue dust storm, pile of dirty laundry and unwelcome mystery smell, no matter how deeply you clean your space.

Just like the black holes in outer space, these clusters of uncleanliness inevitably grow with time, turning your once spotless oasis into a disorganized mess!

Luckily for you, our team has been hard at work searching for some truly “out of this world” cleaning tools.

These tools are *guaranteed* to help you combat your own black hole and restore the balance in your home. 

If you’re interested, take a look at these new arrivals: [link]


Email #19:

Subject: Fresh Start, Inc. Location: your house


Howdy {name},

Here at {company name} headquarters, we’re all about embracing the changing of the seasons with fresh new scents designed to make your space feel…well, like home!

But before you go switching out your warm winter candles for refreshing spring aromas, there’s just one thing you’ll need to do first…

…Clear the air.

You see, the new seasons don’t just bring a chance to freshen up your space.

They come with their own airborne allergens and potentially harmful pollutants that can wreak havoc on your family’s sinuses.

So, why not get one step ahead of the seasonal sniffles with an innovative air purification system?

Each one is designed to make the air in your home as fresh as a pillow with a mint on it, regardless of the season!

We took the liberty of picking these out just for you: [link]


Email #20:

Subject: Adulting is hard. Now, we’re making it easier…


Hey {name},

Let’s get real for a minute…

…we all have those things that we know we *should* do, but we just never want to do. 

Whether it’s finally making yourself a dentist appointment, taking your car in to get serviced or pulling weeds in your garden…

Sometimes “adulting” feels like a chore. 

But with the right tools, taking care of some of your own pesky house duties can be fast, simple and, dare we say:


That’s why our latest selection of vacuum cleaning must-haves (because yes, even your vacuum needs a tune-up every few months) are *guaranteed* to save you time…

While keeping your machine running smoothly and effectively for years to come.

These goodies make adulting easy, check it out 🡪 [link]


Email #21:

Subject: Is that the sound of thunderous applause from the backseat of your car?


Howdy {name},

Listen up: your car doesn’t just get you from one soccer practice, ballet recital or science fair to the next.

It serves as your “second home” on wheels, carrying countless memories, laughs and post-game pep talks.

It also happens to be the one and only home to some of your ugliest messes. 

So, if you’ve found yourself too terrified to even look in your backseat (or worse, under a car seat), maybe it’s time to give your vehicle the “like home” cleaning treatment.

Right now, we’ve got a special collection of vacuums and accessories designed to make cleaning out your car faster and more effective than EVER before.

And did we mention, you can totally put this on your kid’s chore list?

Check these out 🡪 [link]


Email #22:

Subject: Myth Busters: Cleaning Edition


Hey {name},

Today, we’re taking on some of the biggest myths making their rounds on the rumor mill in the “underground cleaning black market.”

You might have even learned some of these myths from your own Mother!

Well, listen up! Here are 3 myths that need to be busted:

  • Feather dusters remove dirt! Fun fact, they actually just spread it around…
  • Vinegar is just as powerful as bleach. In reality, this natural remedy only kills a fraction of harmful bacteria in your home.
  • Air fresheners can clean your air! Sure, they smell great, but that’s about as far as their cleaning power goes…

Look, we know some of these could be controversial.

But facts are facts.

So if you’re ready for some more modern cleaning solutions that are based on cold, hard facts – rather than superstition and centuries-old tradition…

Then try checking out these innovative new finds 🡪  [link]


Email #23:

Subject: The sound of a thousand tiny particles infiltrating your home’s airwaves…


Listen closely {name},

Even if you’re already fully stocked on Vitamin C, hand sanitizer and other anti-bacterial essentials, there’s one more must-have that can help you keep the runny noses in your home at bay…

…A state-of-the-art air purification system.

Without it, the particles in your air could easily threaten to turn your household into one big sniffling, sneezing and wheezing mess. 

At {company name}, we know that protecting your family against seasonal allergies is serious business. 

These simple and effective machines are the solution modern for living healthier and breathing easier with just the push of a button.

And that’s a much sweeter sound, right?

Check out some of our top picks here: [link]


Email #24:

Subject: Vacuum cleaners can suck up HOW much dust?!

Alternate Subject to test: The undisputed world champion of home cleaning


Hey {name},

Have you ever stopped to wonder what the single hardest working piece of cleaning gear in your home is? 

Well, besides you, of course.

Sure, things like your washing machine and dryer do an awful lot to keep your family looking and feeling fresh each day.

But the *real* undisputed world champion of home cleaning is…

Your vacuum cleaner. Here’s why:

On average, American households generate a whooping 40 pounds of dust per year, most of which includes various bacteria… As well as human skin.

That’s pretty gross, but a great vacuum will suck all that up – and then some.

So, why not give your cleaning superhero the added boost of a trusty sidekick? 

Our newest vacuum accessories are here to help your machine run more smoothly and efficiently – in a fraction of the time.

Check it out 🡪 [link]



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