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Hizero UltimateClean™ F803 Bionic Cleaner


World’s First All-in-one Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner

The Hizero UltimateClean™ F803 Bionic Cleaner is beyond a vacuum. It redefines how you clean your home.  Cleaning is now better, easier, and smarter.  Sweep, mop and dry with tip-top, whisper silent cleaning performance.  Discover a cleaner future now.  Suitable for all hard floors.

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The Hizero UltimateClean F803 Bionic Cleaner can be used on any hard floor surface, marble, wood, stone, or laminate.  Leaving surfaces pristine, streak-free sparkly, and air dry.  And doing its floor cleaning job in a contemporary design with whisper-quiet performance while also substantially reducing house dust and other airborne allergens.

The Hizero is unique. It combines the functions of a broom, mop and vacuum all in one stylish package.  And it’s cordless.  Lightweight, easy to use

The Hizero UltimateClean™ F803 Bionic Cleaner taps into nature using bionic-based science to deliver super-smart solutions for twenty-first century homes and lifestyles.  Emulating the way animals lick up liquids and solids, these lightweight hard floor cleaners are hyper-efficient and whisper quite.


  • Low noise with zero emission
  • Cordless 60 minutes non-stop run time
  • Children and pet friendly

All-In-One Solution

  • Broom
  • Mop
  • Vacuum
  • Cordless

Come in and check out the Hizero UltimateClean F803 Bionic Cleaner today.  Got questions?  Call us on 859-278-8445.

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