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Miele SEB 236 Electro Powerhead


Miele’s SEB 236 Electro Premium top-of-the-line powerhead. Cleans all floor types and is especially good at cleaning carpets. Its wide head and powerful motor make for a quick and deep clean.

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Miele’s premier powerhead. Cleans all types of floors but is especially useful for deep cleaning of carpet. The Miele SEB 236 Electro Powerhead’s broad head and motor enable you to quickly and effectively deep clean your carpet. The Electro Premium SEB 236 features a:

  • Five-level height adjustment, which adapts to all types of carpet
  • Direct connection to attach the powerhead directly to the hose and wand
  • Integrated motor for evenly cleaning and brushing all depths of pile
  • Electrically powered roller brush, which excels at removing stubborn dirt
  • A bright, LED headlight, so no speck of dust remains undetected

The SEB 236 is compatible with all modern Miele canisters and most older models with a powered wand.

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