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Miele GN Vacuum Bags


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Ensure your Miele operates at optimal efficiency by using genuine Miele’s GN Vacuum Bags. They make sure that  the dust, dirt and allergens your Miele canister picks up stay inside the machine.  The bags:

  • filter 99.9% of dust particles.
  • offer highest level of efficiency when vacuuming at low power allowing you to save energy
  • last 20% longer before needing replacing saving you money
  • reduce dust re-emission significantly

Miele GN Vacuum Bags are blue in color and can be used with the following Miele models:

  • Complete C3 (S8000-S8999)
  • Complete C2 (S5000-S5999)
  • Classic C1 (S2120 – S2180)
  • S600 – S658
  • S400 – S456i

Each box contains:

  • 4 vacuum bags
  • 1 pre-motor filter
  • 1 exhaust filter




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