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Oreck-Hoover CC Paper Bags 6pk


Oreck- Hoover CC Paper Bags 6pk.  For all Oreck upright vacuums equipped with a bag dock.

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Looking for a replacement paper bag for your Oreck  vacuum? Look no further than this 6pk of  CC replacement Paper Bags! These bags are compatible with all Oreck vacuums equipped with a bag dock.

Specifically models using the following types of bags:

  • CCPK25DW
  • CCPK8
  • CCPK25
  • AKICC6
  • AK1CC25

These bags have only one-ply of thickness, so if you have pets or allergies or need maximum filtration then order the Oreck AK1CC6H bags.  But for general cleaning and every day use, these CC Paper Bags will do the trick!

Oreck and Hoover are now owned by the same parent company. So despite the Hoover name on the packet these bags are guaranteed to work with all Oreck uprights equipped with the bag dock.

Weight 13.2 oz
Dimensions 15 × 7.5 × 1.25 in

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