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SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium

The SEBO D4 Premium Canister vacuum is a big, powerful canister vacuum.  It’s the top of the Airbelt canister range with great suction and yet still manages to be very quiet.

The Airbelt D4 is a full-size canister in every sense of the word.  It has a gigantic 1.5-gallon bag, a 40-foot cord, and an unmatched 52-foot cleaning radius.

It has the standard SEBO features:

  • Made in Germany
  • Reliable, commercial-grade components
  • Durable
  • Incredible warranty coverage
  • Hospital-grade filtration

But then there are the features that make the Airbelt D4 one of a kind:

  • Huge capacity
  • A tapered suction hose to reduce clogs
  • LED indicator which enables suction to be visually monitored
  • 320-degree rotating canister connection, which improves maneuverability

The SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium comes with a commercial-quality ET-1 powerhead.  Which enables you to clean carpets, hard floors, and rugs.  It is excellent at cleaning up pet hair.  When vacuuming things like delicate area rugs, you can manually shut the brush roll off.

There are three onboard attachments.  A parquet brush for cleaning hard floors with straight suction is also included.   In addition, A-1 throws in a bonus bundle of tools worth over $100.

Suction control is conveniently provided by a slider switch on the canister’s handle.  The metal wand to which this is attached is adjustable to suit your height.  And it features a quick-release connection so you can swap out nozzles and tools quickly and easily.

The D4 also comes with the usual warning lights; when the bag is full, you get a clog, , or you hit an obstruction.

A-1 Vacuum stocks the Onyx version of the SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium.  And this comes with a ten-year warranty.   This model is only available in-store.

Some come in today and see if this imposing machine is suitable for you.   Got questions?  Then call A-1 Vacuum on 859-278-8445.

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The SEBO Airbelt D4 Premium is a full-size canister vacuum that offers a giant 1.5-gallon vacuum bag and an extra-long power cord.  It is a large, impressive machine that still manages to be whisper-quiet.

The D4 cleans all surfaces well.  The machine’s ET-1 commercial-grade powerhead makes sure of that.  The ET-1’s impressive set of capabilities include:

  • A low profile makes it easy to reach under furniture and beds.
  • Four-level height adjustment to optimally clean all types of floors
  • L-shaped contour for excellent edge cleaning
  • Tool-free brush roll removal makes for easy maintenance
  • 180-degree swivel making it easy to get into hard to reach corners
  • Manual brush roll shutoff enabling delicate cleaning jobs

The D4 comes with three onboard tools and a specialized parquet floor tool.  A-1 Vacuum also throws in over $100 worth of bonus tools, including a very effective turbo tool.

And it has a fantastic 52-foot cleaning radius.  So more time cleaning and less time changing electrical outlets every couple of minutes.  The seven-foot suction hose lets you get close to where the dirt is and clean more effectively.

The D4 is surrounded by a soft, textile-covered bumper.  So no marking your walls, furniture, or the vacuum itself with scratches or ugly marks.

It has four rubber-coated castor wheels, which enable you to move the canister quickly and gently over your floors.  They also make the machine almost impossible to tip over.

The Airbelt D4 Premium also has a unique, durable, rotating suction-hose connection which gives you 320-degrees of rotation with the hose.  Position the machine in the center of the room, and then you can move freely around it.  Which makes your life so much easier.

Another unique feature is the LED suction power indicator.  A blue LED light rotates, showing you D4’s power output.  The faster the light turns, the more suction you are using.  So you can visually monitor what is going on.

The wand is adjustable, and a quick-release enables you to easily change attachments and brushes.

And the suction control is on the hose handle right under your fingertips.  So you can easily adjust the suction you are using as you move around your home.  Use more suction for carpets, less for furniture, and even less for the drapes.

Clog removal door, tool-free brush roll removal, user warning lights, and automatic obstruction cut-off make this vacuum easy to use.

As with all SEBOs, the D4 comes with hospital-grade filtration.  Three layers of filtration and tight seals mean that dirt, dust, and allergens remain in the vacuum and do not leak back into your home.

The gigantic 1.5-gallon vacuum bag means that fewer bag changes are needed saving you time and money.  And the built-in hygiene cap means dust doesn’t escape when you change bags.  So even less pollution to worry about.

The SEBO Airbelt D4 that we stock is part of the Onyx collection.  There is a dealer-only model which is only available in-store from specialized dealers.  One reason for this is that it comes with a ten-year warranty.

Overall, the SEBO Airbelt D4 is a powerful, large canister that effectively cleans a wide range of flooring.

It won’t suit everyone, but it’s the perfect solution for the right home. Not sure if that is you?  Come in and find out.  Or call A-1 Vacuum, Lexington’s SEBO experts, on 859-278-8445.

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