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SEBO Automatic X4 Premium

The SEBO Automatic X4 Premium is a technically superior, powerful, and easy to use upright vacuum.

Made in Germany, it’s built to last.  SEBO’s quality and durability are legendary.  And they put their money where their mouth is since this machine has a ten-year warranty.

The X4 Premium has a powerful motor and automatic brush agitation.  It will automatically adjust the height of its powerhead to give you the most effective cleaning of carpets and hard floors.

The Automatic X4 is easy to handle.  It comes with:

  • Three on-board tools
  • Instant-use cleaning wand
  • bonus tools worth over $100
  • a 50-foot operating radius
  • a broad and low-profile cleaning head.
  • lifetime belt

The vacuum will also alert you when its bag is full, its brush roll needs changing, or it has hit an obstruction.  Then the machine will switch itself off to avoid damaging its motor.

The bottom line you can clean better and faster.  Saving yourself time and effort.

All SEBO’s come with hospital-grade filtration.  The result a healthier home.

The SEBO Automatic X4 Premium Pet is a tremendous general-purpose vacuum.  Have pets?  Then it might be that the next model up in the range, the Automatic X7 could better suit you.

Consult with an expert and find out.  A-1 Vacuum are Lexington’s SEBO experts.  So come in or call us today on 859-278-8445.

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The SEBO Automatic X4 is one of the world’s most technically advanced upright vacuums. And yet it is also one of the easiest to use.

It cleans all types of flooring. Wall-to-wall carpets, hard floors, and area rugs. Its 1300-watt motor ensures that it does a good job.

The X4 is truly automatic. It will sense the type of floor you are cleaning and adjust the height of the brushroll so you get the best possible clean. The X4 does it all for you.

Its low-profile cleaning head allows you to get under furniture and counters. And its cleaning path of 10.5 inches and excellent edge cleaning make vacuuming quicker and easier.

The X4 will alert you to clogs, a worn brush, or a full bag. An auto-off feature for brush obstructions protects the motor and belts.

The X4 weighs around 17 lbs, but it handles well and glides across the floor. A carrying handle makes it easy to pick and move. In addition, it has a rotating cord hook which allows you to quickly unwind its cord.

This is good since the X4 comes with a generous 40-foot cord. Coupled with its instant-use cleaning wand and hose that gives you a cleaning radius of almost 50-foot. Which means more time cleaning and less time dragging the vacuum around to where the dirt is.

Other features that make the X4 a superior vacuum include:

  • a lifetime belt
  • tool-free brush roller removal
  • three on-board attachments.

The X4 comes standard with three layers of filtration. A pre-motor S-class filter, a huge Ultra bag, and an exhaust filter. All are enclosed in a tightly sealed casing, which means no dirt, dust, allergens, or dander is escaping back into your home. This is one reason that SEBOs are recommended by organizations such as the British Asthma Society to their members.

A-1 Vacuum stocks the Automatic X4 Onyx, which is available in-store only. It’s a dealer-specific model since it comes with SEBO’s best warranty of ten years.

And it also comes with a bonus tool bundle. The bundle includes a turbo brush that is excellent for sucking up pet hair and a nine-foot extension hose.

Want to know more about SEBO and the Automatic X4? Then call Lexington’s SEBO experts, A-1 Vacuum, on 859-278-8445. Or drop in and take the X4 for a spin today.

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