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The distinctive-looking SEBO Dart has the flexibility of a canister in the body of an upright.

The Dart comes with:

  • Instant-use suction hose
  • Hospital-grade filtration system
  • Ability to become a handheld vacuum
  • Two onboard attachments
  • Commercial-grade powerhead
  • 5-year warranty

SEBO’s legendary quality and durability are built-in.

The Dart can clean all types of flooring with its powerful, sophisticated powerhead.  But it also comes with a parquet brush for hard floors.

One thing unique about the Dart is its ability to convert into a handheld, portable vacuum by detaching the powerhead.  As a result, it can be easily carried using its long handle or an optional shoulder strap.

It has a 31-foot power cord and 9-foot instant hose giving it a cleaning radius of 40-foot.

The Dart is easy to use because of its:

  • Full bag or clog indicators
  • Brush roll obstruction light with automatic shutoff
  • Simple maintenance with a clog removal door and tool-less brush roll removal
  • Modern bag dock with a one-click bag change

The Dart is similar to the Felix Premium.  But there are some significant differences.

Talk to one of the SEBO experts at A-1 Vacuum and see which one is best for you.  Then, come in or call us on 859-278-8445.

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The SEBO Dart has a distinctive, stylish look.  It offers the flexibility of a canister and handheld vacuum with the convenience of an upright.

The Dart will clean everything from carpet to delicate area rugs.  And it will do it well.

It can do this because of its commercial-grade ET-1 powerhead.  The ET-1 has:

  • a low profile which is great for cleaning under furniture
  • 12-in wide powerhead.
  • Four-level manual height adjustment
  • L-shaped contour with excellent edge cleaning
  • Manual and automatic brush roll shutoff

It also comes with two onboard tools and a parquet brush for hard floors.

The Dart weighs around 15 Ibs, but it handles well.  Using it takes little effort.  Controls are on the handle.

Use the quick-release connection to detach the powerhead, and you can carry the Dart around like a handheld.     Enjoy the portability this gives you.  Extend the instant-use hose, and you have a 40-foot cleaning radius to play with, making cleaning easier and quicker.

Like its more expensive cousins, the Dart offers easy tool-less maintenance.  There is a door on the bottom of the powerhead, which allows you to easily remove clogs.  You can even pop out the brush roll, clean off any pet or human hair, and put it in the dishwasher to clean it.

Then there is the standard hospital-grade filtration.  With the Dart, you get three layers of filtration and tight seals which means dirt, dust, and allergens stay inside the machine.  And not leaking back into your home and polluting it.

Like all SEBOs, the Dart is a bagged vacuum.  It has a large capacity bag of almost a gallon.  So you probably won’t be changing bags that often.

There is an easy-to-use bag docking system that makes changing bags a snap.  Literally!

The SEBO Dart is a distinctive, modern vacuum.  Made in Germany and built to last. The Dart is currently available at A-1 Vacuum.  Lexington’s SEBO experts.

Got questions on how the Dart compares to the Felix Premium, its big brother?   Then talk to an expert at A-1 Vacuum today.  Call us on 859-278-8445 or just drop in and see us.

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